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About TechEth[edit]

TechEth server is the flagship server of the Illuna project, and currently the only that still operates (see also: old servers). The name TechEth is a fork of Technic+Ethereal words. Our 2 major topic you may notice on our server at first glance, is the lots of mods that give technical tools, nodes, and machines you can work with (eg.: Technic mod, mesecons, pipeworks, ect.), and the modifed, and extended mapgeneration using the Ethereal mod.

Background story[edit]

Illuna project's first main server was the VIP world. It operated for about 5 or 6 years. In the last years, we started to work on a new server with more familiar concepts (protection, trusted player privs, ect). For a while, both TechEth and VIP world was operating, and at the time we did not want to let go of VIP world, instead, we let trusted players to move on to the VIP world. But, that didn't quite work out, as all the players just stayed on TechEth, and gradually forgot about VIP. Then, the team decided to shut VIP down. After most of the migrations where done, (long live the VIP world!) they plugged it out from operation (read more about VIP world's "death" here). And thats how TechEth became the only standing server. While VIP world was more like a small family, TechEth is way more successful, and ever more powerful, with more mods, and better subgame.

Other information[edit]


The Illuna kingdom is an inner 2000x2000 protected area, with the Illuna castle in the middle (the corners of this area are: -1000,-1000 ; -1000,1000 ; 1000,-1000 ; 1000,1000). Inisde this area are multiple nice places, buildings built by talented and skilled trusted players on the server.

Some examples:

The god of our world (joke, probably will be removed...)[edit]

Praise the Bacon God!

num1 priests: Elvas and Pingo

best followers: dotti and gandalf