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Our TechEth-server features a unique mapgen, with unique biomes, originally based on the ones from the Ethereal mod.

Our biomes try to follow specific logics, for example: in high areas, only biomes associated with colder temperatures should be discoverable.


Redwood forest[edit]

The original mod has a so called "mesa" biome in this place, mostly featuring clay. We chose to replace this with a beautiful Redwood-forest with customized Redwood-trees and exclusive Douglasie-trees. It also comes with a boat-load of flowers and plants. While the gravel can reach as deep as -192 nodes, the forest can be found at +3 to +92 above sea level.


At +90 above sea level, it can get a bit frosty, this is where silver sand may be found. At +130, you may start to discover Crystal dirt and ice. It also contains special and regular Frost trees, Crystal spikes, Crystal grass, but also Snowy grass.


Yes... actual candy, oh my god! Candy trees! Nyancat-mobs! What is happening!?
This biome may be anywhere at +10 nodes above sea level.