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The Illuna Castle

The Illuna Castle in a whole, is aimed to demonstrate our mods, biomes, mechanisms, and nearly everything the server has to offer. It offers many helpful places, such as the Illuna market, the university, and much more (see below). You can teleport there from the spawn, or by typing /castle in the chat. From there, you can follow paths, and signs that direct you to the place you wish to visit.

Warning! To enter the castle, you need a high-end hardware! It will load a ton of nodes, 3d models, entities, and you might experience lag with a poor computer!

Useful places in the castle[edit]

Maybe the most useful places are the Illuna market and the university, and thus they own their own page. For further information about them, use the links!


The Greenhouse

Here you can look at all the farm-able plants you can find on the server. Unfortunately there is no more information about the plants there, you can only look at them, and get an idea how they look like. If you wish to find more information about certain plants, visit the mods page, and find the farming mod you need.

Beginner villages[edit]

The beginner villages room in the Illuna castle

The beginner villages are places where you can teleport, and start surviving, mining, and building. The 4 beginner villages you can find at the castle are located at the y/x +/- 2000 coordinate corners. From the castle, the teleport pads have a floating info-text, and are surrounded by small examples of the biomes you will find at the given location. These places are rather crowded nowdays, and it is recommended to use the new beginner villages. You can reach them from the maproom, in the lower level of the travelcenter.