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The Spawn of Illuna TechEth

The Spawn is the place where you'll begin the game when you first join the server. It offers some information, a quick impression of TechEth, and a few teleport pads that lead to beginner villages, or some other useful places (see below). You may teleport here at any time using /spawn chat command.


The Spawn point[edit]

This is the point where you'll first begin the game.

This is the exact place where you'll spawn on the server. You'll face to the second largest floating island with a little castle on top. At your left, will the the 2 teleport pads leading to some of the beginner villages (see below). At your front, will be the two paths leading to little castle, and to the little travelcenter. At the middle on the island, you'll find the current event's teleport pad.

Teleport pads to beginner villages[edit]

Teleport pads to some of the beginner villages.

These two teleport pads will teleport you to less crowded, but still popular beginner villages. These are what you should use if you want to quickly start mining, surviving, and building. For further information, visit the beginner villages page!

Little castle[edit]

The little castle

Inside here, you can find a teleport pad that will take you to the illuna castle. At a back door, on the left, you can find the donor garden, where you can look at the donor iteams which you can get as a "thank you" for donating. There is a help center in the lower level, but it is under construction at the moment.

Little travelcenter[edit]

The little travelcenter at spawn

This little replica of the travelcenter teleports you to the maproom under the real TC. It is a quick way to find other starting points where you can start surviving and building.