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Contributing to Illuna wiki[edit]

Contributing to Illuna server[edit]

Adding patches[edit]

Almost everything around Illuna is opensource, and you are very welcome to provide merge requests and issue reports on our GitLab.
If you don't feel up to the challenge of using Git, don't worry, for any of those things, our forum should work okey too. Actually most feature-requests and issue-reports have been done by the users in our forum, so if you want to take care of something, this would be a category to look at (login-only).
Note that some mods are not released to the public just yet. If you can't find one to fork on our Git, it should be enough to login. Reasons for this include:

  • minor mod changes (e.g. chatcolor, branding, or even just a recipe change from the early Illuna days) and irregular updates, but people have been seen adding copies to their server, which sometimes brands their server as "Illuna" or causes them to drive with incompatible changes to their subgame, or to have old code for no reason. Google for some reason likes our Git.
  • licenses of the original mod sources, for example in case of illuna_ethereal


The fastest, and best way to contribute to the server, is to donate. Even a few dollars can help in keeping up this wonderful server!

Donate today here!

For further information, visit the donating site, or the wikipage: donating

Building on the server[edit]

As a starter[edit]

By having you around, is already a contribution to the server. A good way to contribute, is to build something aesthetic on the server. Don't build noobsheds, dirt/stone/wood bunkers, you can always start off with a cute house! There is plenty of tutorials on YouTube if you are new to building.

Here are some easy to build medieval style houses made by jakab:

As an experienced player[edit]

If you have showed your talents/skills in building, and have played around for a while, the team will consider giving you a creative account, which will grant you to further possibilities, and faster work. And thus, contributing with amazing buildings is easier and faster. With a creative account, you will be accessed to the large protected creative zone around the edge of the map! You will also have the chance to help building official events, or help building in the Illuna kingdom.