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Creative is a play mode in minetest. All new illuna accounts begin in Survival mode, and cannot build in the central kingdom nor from 25000 to the edge of the world. Unlike Survival mode, some players are granted creative, fly, fast, noclip, and sometimes worldedit. Either they are members of the illuna team or they've proven to be a helpful and creative trusted_player, and have earned the right to have a second account with creative privs. With the following points, the Illuna Team tries to clarify where the creative and survival zones are, and make it possible for creative and survival to exist separated, but in harmony next to each other.

Creative zones[edit]

Creative is allowed in the kingdom and in the creative zones at the border of the map, beginning at 25000. Survival accounts are not able to mine or build in creative zones, and conversely Creative accounts are not permitted to change anything outside creative. There are relics of the beginning of the server which also were built in creative. Specifically deserving a mention are the temporary spawn rocket and the crater mine. Also all the beginner_villages were built in creative.


Creative players may not "interact" with survival players. That means no help with builds, no creating areas, and no giving or selling items. Any player can travel through any part of the world they please—survival players are welcome to explore the amazing builds in the kingdom and creative, and survival players may watch survival builds progress—but nothing may be mined, built, or destroyed.