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All Illuna server were based on three columns:

Trust. The players trust the team to provide a good and reliable server, the team trusts the players to behave friendly, fairly and act properly.

Communication. Communication is a key feature. Playing alone works, but together it's so much better and more fun. But for that you have to talk to each other.

Activity. Just visiting once or twice and leaving for longer times is fine. But it's leading nowhere. Be here. Stay here. Make it yourself a (second) home.


Someone who is a Trusted Player, gets access to further privileges: using tnt, area protection (see also: area protection commands), and when placing lava, it will show it was placed by "a trusted player: <name>".

How to become a Trusted Player[edit]

When setting up the rules there was a discussion how to see/prove who earns trust. These are the points:

  • Be an active player for at least 3 weeks
  • Be respectful, helpful and a good one
  • Register and introduce yourself in the community forum

Usually after a while the priv could be granted to you. If you think, you should have the priv, you fulfill all the requirements and perhaps the team did forget you, you can ping a member of the team and remind them.


Illuna has a big area reserved for creative building for players who actively participate in keeping the server alive. You could start with participating by adding value to the empty houses between travel center and castle (see here: topic of these houses). Talk to a member of the team for details.

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