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Travelnet Boxes are yellow cabins that help you teleport from one station to another through these Travelnet Boxes. People use these boxes in the Travelcenter to allow a central meeting point for all the players who wish to do so.

How to use them[edit]

Just right click on the box, and select the destination you wish to travel to. These are buttons that the player, who made the station, named it. You do not need to be inside the box when using it, though it's worth mentioning that you'll be inside the cabin after the teleportation sequence. So if it is closed with a protected/closed door, you won't be able to move around.

How to set them up[edit]

The help button is unavailable unfortunately.

After you crafted some of these Travelnet Boxes, you can create a network of connected boxes. (check the craft guide about how to craft one) After you place your first Travelnet Box, you'll see 3 empty text lines that can be filled:

  • Name of this station

Write the station's name here, for example "home" at your home, or "Travel Center" in the Travelcenter (duh).

  • Assign to network

This is automatically filled with "Net1". You can leave it at that, and every other Travelnet Box that you own with the same network will be connected to each other. If you rename the network to something else, only Boxes with the same network will be connected to it.

  • Owned by

You may leave this empty. It will automatically check who placed the Box, and will set it to be owned by the person. If you want to place this Travelnet Box for someone else, you can write his/her name into this place, and it will be owned by him/her, connected to his/her network systems.

Once you filled these boxes, you press "save" and enjoy the Travelnet Box! The button "exit" will not save your changes!

After setting up a station, you can move it around with the "up" and "down" button in the station list. You can only move the one station you are currently at!

How to remove them with the 5.3 update[edit]

As before the update, you were only able to remove it by breaking it with a default pickaxe. Since the update, there are a few new buttons added, such as the "up" and "down", and the "remove station" button. Which obviously removes the station. But, travelnet boxes that were placed before the 5.3 update, will not have this "remove station" button, and you can't remove them with a pickaxe anymore. There is a solution however, you can hit "up" or "down" and then it will update the inventory of the box, and the "remove station" button will appear allowing you to remove it if desired. However, if there is only one station in the network, you can't move it up or down. In order to have it removed, you'll have to add another station to the network, and then move the old station up or down, so the remove button appears.