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The TechEth Travelcenter.jpg


Inside the Travelcenter

The Travelcenter is THE main location for traveling to all the cool places Illuna has to offer. You can get there by clicking at the yellow box down in your inventory. You can place your own travel box here to connect it to your public travel net and therefore, you can visit all of the preferred places from other players.

Interior navigation[edit]


1st floor[edit]

If you go up a level with the stairs, you'll find teleport pads, that lead to buildings within the Illuna kingdom (the inner 1000x1000 area around the Illuna castle ). If you point at the teleport pad, it will give information about where it takes you, and/or look at the nodes near the pad, they give a hint about what you will see.

2nd floor[edit]

On the second floor, you can find teleport pads that lead to buildings in the creative zone (a protected area for creative players around the edge of the map). These include new, recent, but also migrated buildings from old servers.


At the lower level of the Travelcenter is a miniaturized version of the inner 10000 times 10000 (from -5000,-5000 to 5000,5000 coordinate cube) Illuna map. From here you can teleport with ease to different inner, and outer beginner villages.

Ground level[edit]

Outer circle[edit]

The outer circle is fully occupied by the Travel net boxes that any players can place with the given rules. For further information, check out the placed signs in the travelcenter, or visit "place your own travel box".

Inner circle[edit]

The inner circle is about the useful and official locations, Such as: the public mine, the university, the market, and the post office. You can also find some of the best buildings of the server here, such as The Ice Wonder by Elvas.