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Note: These notes were copied from the ingame wiki and therefore not adapted to the style of this wiki. Important to keep the format for that. Thanks.


    ____   _  _                                               ___                 _                                      
   \_      \  |  |  |       _   _ _   _  _                 /  __  \ __    ___|  |  _ _____    
     /   / \ / |  |  |_    |  |  '_  \ /       |               /   \   /  _   \ /  __|  | /  /   ___ /
 / \/   /_    |  |  |  |_ |  |  | |  |  (_|  |    _        /   _  \   (_)   |  (__|    < \__ \     
 \____/   |_|_|\__,_|_| |_|\__,__|    | _ |     /_ \_/  \____/ \___|_| \_\_____/
You made it to the Illuna Flagshipserver, congratulations!
Illuna is maintained from Germany and has an international Community.
This server features a ton of amazing, often customized and sometimes even exclusive mods,
as unique as the modcollection is, is our world itself, be prepared and bring at least 1.6G of RAM!
You should totally join our communityforum at!
Check out our rules on the right of this window, also be welcome to join us on Social Media (see below).
Looking for a livemap with players in the web? Check out our website at

Looking for an actual wiki? Check out and participate in!

( i ) Have a look at the new postoffice! It's behind the travelcenter. Make sure, you have a mailbox in there!

Twitter:       @illunaminetest
Instagram: @illunaminetest
IRC:           #illuna on Freenode



  • Respect other property!
 Don't interfer in other players areas, buildings, chests.
 ...but protect your area with protectors.
 Usually you have the ressources after 30 min of playing.
  • Be nice to each other and don't be a tief!
 We ask players to use locked chests and protection,
 because sometimes griefing is reported too late so it's hard to find out who it was.
 The Illuna Team is not responsible for any damage done by players or bugs but we will give our best helping you when it happened.
  • Leave space to other buildings/structures. Maybe they will expand.
  • Be creative. Don't build cobble/dirt/wood bunkers.
 The Illuna team has the right to remove ugly or other inappropriate structures. 
 If you have an account in our forum, we try to contact you first before we do something.
  • Be kind. Don't insult. Behave properly.
 Don't beg for items or privileges. Dig for items and craft them. 
 you could be considered as trustworthy. Trusted players can area protect their houses!  

+============================================================================+ | The Illuna team does everything what is necessary to keep this server running in a proper way. | | If you find issues, please report them in our forum. | |  »»»»» «««««  | +============================================================================+

  • We are happy if you record Let's Plays, stream online or do similar projects here.
  Please mention the server adress and post it in our community.
  • The Illuna team can use screenshots or recordings of players and their buildings for information and promotional purposes.
  • In case a player broke our rules and/or our trust by mean actions, we may ban the player permanently and may remove their building area(s).
 The player can then send the @team a honest proposal in our forum to get the ban lifted, donations however won't be paid back.



How to scroll in this wiki?!

Use your arrow-keys or the amazing new feature: your mouse wheel!

Where am i allowed to build?

If a place is not occupied by another player yet, you can make it yours. Keep distance to neighbors or communicate how near you may settle. Keep in mind that you should use protection for your place to avoid grief. We have teleport pads to our beginner villages/starter areas on our spawnpoint, and especially in the basement of the Travelcenter.

Where is the Travelcenter?

There is a teleporter in the little castle at the spawnpoint and a button with a yellow travelbox in your inventory.

What is a "trusted_player"?

A privilege the team can grant players who paritcipate and introduced themselfes in our communityforum( , who as well played at least three weeks without harming anyone. Those players have extra features like the /areas command to define multible areas without using any nodes and our tweaked TNT. Also these players can have a mail box in the front of the post office and get a house in the kingdom which provides special value to other players (contact dotti).

Where is your code?

I found an issue or need help, where to report/ask?

We prefer you to use our communityforum: ->



Providing extra channels for community and announcements,
and the gamechat, delivered from Matrix.
Providing the gamechat, also delivered from Matrix.
Maybe we add a community in the future but for now,
it's just the gamechat, delivered from IRC.
IRC: #illuna on Freenode
The gamechat, delivered from Minetest.



 The Friends of Illuna:

         Name                       Adress                         Port          Topic
      King Arthur      30000     Medieval 
      Beerarchy                         30000     Anachism           


Why Donations?
Servers cost actual money, which is paid by Milan, your fellow admin.
You can ensure that this project does not run out of money by supplying a donation.
Even a few people donating 50ct per month can have a big impact in our funding, 
which is a smaller amount than what the cheapest McDonalds burger costs (in Germany at least).
It's donors like you who make it possible that Illuna stay's online, and free for everyone.
Where to Donate
You can use which redirects to and gives you a number of options.
...or just head to if you feel awesome :)
Donation Rewards
Your donation ensures that this services does not shut-down, so everyone can have a great time on Illuna,
we will thank you for that by giving you Donorcoins which you then can use to buy exclusive Items,
such as:
* cool and fancy exclusive Armor 
* fancy costumes
  • ...and more, we're always adding new fancy stuff for donors and events.

Note: We give you these coins for thanking you for supporting us covering the servercosts,

        this is no fixed value and may vary (usually in a positive way for you) as we don't want to act as a commercial service.
        Donations are handeled per definition of a donation. We are no society nor a company,
        this also means that we cannot give you any donate evidence under german law.

Known Donors:


Coeseta, Kelso, Jakab, ClaudiusMinimus, Israuor, fridolin


  Graceful Server Contributors
  Builders in alphabetical order:
    * Aule
    * Coeseta
    * ClaudiusMinimus
    * dotti
    * FoxZoolm
    * jakab
    * noob101
    * Ruth
    * Semmett
    * Snowmann
    * Viki


Community is important for us, and we want it to be strong.
Therefor we built a beautiful Communityforum where you can talk together at any time.
This is also one important reason why the trusted_player privilege depends on your forum account,
because it ensures that the team, and other players have a way for contacting you.
Alternatively, join us on one of our chatrooms, this is also a great way to get in touch with players, the team and the ingame chat.

A great way for getting support is our communityforum - if this is not handy enough,
we also have a channel on Discord for this.

Similar to above though some cases are easier to keep track on when reported in our forum.
In terms of requests, users can vote for them as well in our forum.
For developers, our Git is located at - be aware that it uses a custom SSH port so you may rather use the HTTPS method instead.

We are here to ensure you have an amazing time on Illuna, go ahead, ask us anything!
We are available in the chat and forum all the time unless we are asleep or busy.
To ensure that we take notice, you gotta mention Milan (Owner) or Dotti (Teammember) by simply writing their name.
You of course can write us direct messages there too.
Please be aware that we are from germany and may be asleep when you write from a different timezone.
Advanced contact information for Milan: