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* <code>/cloak_chat <message></code>  
* <code>/cloak_chat <message></code>  
** Sends a message to all cloaked players.
** Sends a message to all cloaked players.
=== Rollback ===
* <code>/rollback_check</code> + hitting the node
** Tells who placed or removed the node on this coordinates
* <code>/rollback <playername><time in seconds></code>
** Redoes all playeractions of the certain player in the time window.

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This page, is NOT completed yet! It misses many information, and currently still working on it! By jakab so far.

This is a list of ingame commands you can use to improve your gaming experience, and/or help others and yourself with them. They are grouped by levels of trust: what you are granted to use or not use according to your trust level in the game (new player, trusted player, creative player, ect).

Commands any player can use[edit]

Ingame help[edit]

  • /commands
    • Returns some useful commands you can use. They are listed below as well.
  • /help
    • This command will list you ALL the commands that are available on the server.
  • /help <command_name>
    • After typing /help, you can write another command name (without the first "/") to get additional information about the command. For example: /help sethome will tell you about the /sethome command.

Chat related[edit]

  • /chatbell
    • Enables/disables the "ding" sound when mentioned in the chat. (VERY useful when using headphones...)
  • /away
    • Tells everyone that you are away from keyboard.
  • /re
    • Tells everyone that you are no longer away from keyboard
  • /me <message>
    • creates a message sent by the server with your name at the beginning. For example if i (jakab) would write: /me eats pancakes will return "jakab eats pancakes" in the global chat. It is useful to draw a bit more attention, and inform players about your activity, or inactivity. Eg.: you can use this to inform others you are not away, but you aren't reading the global chat.

Player related[edit]

Server related[edit]

  • /status
    • Gives information about server status (connected players, lag level, ect)
  • /admin
  • /days
    • Returns the amount of ingame days (20 minutes) went by on the server's full lifetime.


  • /spawn
    • By typing this command, you will be instantly teleported back to the starting point (aka Spawn), where you've first spawned on to the server. This place allows you to navigate to certain starting places, such as the Illuna castle, or the Maproom under the Illuna Travelcenter. A trick: if you are stuck somewhere, cant get out, or in danger (falling off from a cliff, fighting too strong monsters, ect) you quickly type /spawn and you are saved!
  • /castle
    • Allows you to teleport to the Illuna castle. This place offers many useful things both for starters, and veterans.
  • /sethome
    • Allows you to set yourself a checkpoint, or home where you can return anytime you want by typing /home (see below). The checkpoint, or home, will be set on the exact coordinates you are standing at.
  • /home
    • By typing this command, it will teleport you back to the exact position you have previously set your home with /sethome (see above). This also allows you to save yourself in dangerous/impossible situations like /spawn (see above).
  • /rocket (/spawn2 is the same command)
    • Teleports you to the old "rocket" spawn. This place has some free to use technic machines (see in: technicmod).


  • /skybox
    • Lists the names of available skyboxes (see the use of them below).
  • /skybox <skybox_name_or_number>
    • Inside skybox_name_or_number you can type the name of a skybox which you wish to use. The skybox will change the background sky around you, and the lighting will be set to a certain level according to the chosen skybox. These are very useful when building, you can get daylight all the time you want, or set it to something dark, or inbetween the two. Also useful to make higher quality screenshots of something. For typing a number inside skybox_name_or_number it will set the skybox according to the order of the list given by /skybox (see above). For example: /skybox 6 will be the same as /skybox TropicalSunnyDay, because in the given list by /skybox "TropicalSunnyDay" is the 6th in order (This skybox will give you a calm background, and full daylight). There is a total of 11 skyboxes. See also: skybox
  • /skybox off
    • Guess what ? It turns off any skybox, and the original day and night skybox appears once again.

Commands Only trusted players may use[edit]

Area protection[edit]

See also: Area Protection mod on github

See also our wiki page for extra information, and better understanding of the limitations on our server: protection

  • /area_pos1 and /area_pos2
    • These two commands allow you to select a certain area, and protect it (see below). Each position will be set to your current position when the command is executed (at your legs, not head)
  • /area_pos set1 and /area_pos set2
    • These two commands allow you to select a certain area, and protect it (see below). Each time you execute one of the commands, you may punch a node, and the given selection number will be set on that node. Only execute the command and punch one at a time (eg.: you can't execute both commands and then punch two nodes, only one at a time). For that purpose, see the command below. I personally (jakab) recommend using the command above, it is less likely to make a mistake with that.
  • /area_pos set
    • After executed, punch the two corner nodes of the area you wish to protect (see below).
  • /area_pos1 <x y z> or area_pos2 <x y z>
    • These two commands allow you to select a certain area, and protect it (see below). The "x y z" is referring to coordinates, you may type the coordinates, and the given selection number will be set to the given coordinates.
  • /set_owner <playername> <areaname>
    • Allows you to set a different owner to the selected area and protect it for him/her. Multiple owners at an area allows you to work with multiple players (see: protection).
  • /protect <areaname>
    • Allows you to protect the selected area (see above).
  • /select_area <areaID>
    • Allows you to select a full, existing area with it's ID number (see: protection).
  • /add_owner <areaID> <playername> <areaname>
    • Similar to /set_owner commmand. If the area is selected, it sets a second protection zone owned by the given player above an existing protection zone. This allows multiple players to use the same area. I personally (jakab) recommend using the </set_owner> command, because its a lot simpler. You have to select the area anyway. However, add_owner command does not reduce the limited number of areas a player can protect (in theory. idk. see protection).
  • /list_areas
    • Lists all the areas you own, or all existing areas if you have the "areas" privilege.
  • /find_areas <regex>
    • Can find areas by their names using a Lua regular expression. For example: /find_areas [Cc]astle will give you a list of areas that has "castle" or "Castle" words in their names.
  • /remove_area <areaID>
    • Removes an area you own by ID
  • /recursive_remove_areas <areaID>
    • Removes an area by ID, and all the sub areas within it that were created with other commands (eg.: /add_owner).
  • /change_owner <areaID> <playername>
    • Changes the owner of an area by ID.
  • /area_info
    • Gives information about the mod configurations, and your status with areas.

Commands Only Creative Players may use[edit]

Note that each creative player vary in the privileges they own, and not all creative player can use these commands!


Requires "Worldedit" Privilege.

List and description of Worldedit commands: Worldedit Command Guide on GitHub

Commands only Admins and moderators may use[edit]

Each team member know's what they can do and can not, so this is just for the "show"

Player related[edit]

  • /clearinv <playername>
    • Allows you to clear your own, or other player's inventory. This command requires server privilege.
  • /cloak
    • Allows you to become invisible, and sends a "left the game" message. It also makes your name avoid appearance in /who and /status player lists. It has some leaks, but i'm not going to tell you all the secrets ;-) .
  • /cloak_chat <message>
    • Sends a message to all cloaked players.


  • /rollback_check + hitting the node
    • Tells who placed or removed the node on this coordinates
  • /rollback <playername>
    • Redoes all playeractions of the certain player in the time window.