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In 2020, Illuna participates on a C3 for the first time! We are teaming up with our friends over at minetest4kids (german) and bring you a beautifully crafted Minetest-world, aiming for being lightweight, easy to get started on (so short-term visitors don't have to waste too much time during the rC3) - and most importantly, it shall show Minetest from its best possible side, to demonstate its awesomeness.

The server features a ton of amazing mods (modules), custom Illuna biomes, and is using the beautiful, tweaked valleys mapgen.

Note: We have ended the day on Twitch, by reviewing your buildings, talking about the day and some statistics. We now have 61 players in our database (including our own accounts). The server is now in whitelist-mode and shall return early 2021. Feel welcome to join us on TechEth, our flagship-server, at port 30002 in the meantime. :)

How to join[edit]


General notes: Please make sure, that you are running an up to date Minetest-client. At least at v5.0.0 and ideally even newer (latest release is v5.3.0). offers various free downloads.
Notes for...

Join the server[edit]

In order to join this server, open your Minetest-client,

  1. tab on "Join Game"
  2. search for rC3, or Illuna (yes, Minetest got a serverlist directly in the client!)
  3. click on the "rC3 Experience"-Server and enter your username and password of choice. The first login equals a signup and you must set a password. The initial media download could take a little bit, depending on internet connection.
  4. Enjoy

If you want to join directly:
Port: 1833

Join us on Twitch[edit]

The continuous Livestream is hosted at
There should be special talks at 10:15 am, 2 pm, 7 pm (with the team of illuna!) and 10pm.

Join the gamechat from elsewhere[edit]

We have set up some bridges, so you can participate in the gamechat from your preferred location.


Layers of the world[edit]

If you are only used to Minecraft so far, the following numbers will blow you away. Like TechEth, we have added some additional layers to the world - however these are different:


This is the highest one this time, using the other_worlds mod. It is ranging from Y=25.000 to Y=29.600 nodes above sea level.

Rare giant tree

Floating islands[edit]

This is using the cloudlands mod. Beautiful islands are generating at around Y=1.250 nodes above sea level.

There are various biomes to explore, various ways to access them (such as a special portal), and in rare cases, beautiful huge trees.


Groundy ground 🤷 ...using the beautiful valleys mapgen with some special tweaks to it, and our signature Redwood-forest biome.


While we wanted to keep the server simple but not too simple, we have decided to add nether to the world. It is located from Y=-5.000 to Y=-11.000 nodes below sea level. Below it, you can continue trying to reach the bottom of the map.

Online LiveMap[edit]

The Livemap can be found in (almost) fullscreen, here. Javascript is required. It also allows you to see layers of our world.


Useful commands[edit]

Become a Minetest-Pro and get yourself some commands for ingame. We recommend:

  • /spawn - to return to the spawnpoint
  • /sethome & /home - to set and return to your home
  • /skybox <number> - to have a sky, as beautiful as the screenshot above

Dive in deeper, using our Ingame_commands page. ✨


Illuna is, to be precise, a service of - a place where cool services like Mastodon, Matrix or Peertube are being hosted ...funded by donations of its dear users. However, Illuna kinda became it's own thing in terms of community and moderation, but does not offer it's own banking / paypal information. This is why we still redirect our players to...

-> the donate page.
Please let us know that (if) you are donating for the rC3-Minetestserver, so we can share the money with our friends at

Alternatively, you can support minetest4kids directly, so they can buy some laptops for their wonderful Minetest-related school projects:

-> donate info

Server setup[edit]

The server is running on a dedicated machine, sharing its place with our TechEth world. We are testing the PostgreSQL database server with Minetest for the first time and may migrate TechEth to it as well if everything goes well.

The future of this server[edit]

After the event, we will give you an easy to deploy snapshot of our world and instructions, so you can continue your builds in singleplayer, if you so desire. However, we plan on keeping the server up, to provide a more lightweight and easy alternative to our famous but very complex and heavy TechEth-world.