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There are three different currencies in the Illuna world: the minecoin from the bitchange mod, the donorcoin, and the noobcoin.


Minecoins are the main currency in Illuna. One gold ingot worth 2 minecoins, since you can smelt a gold block into 2 minecoin blocks. Visit the Illuna market to see the pricing of items! However, there are many shops that sell the same items for cheaper. Next to the minecoin there is the minenith, where nine minenith can be crafted to one minecoin. Both can be found as ores minecoin_in_ground and minenith_in_ground, which drops minecoins and coin base. The coin base can be smelted into mineniths.


You may get noobcoins when you first join the server. Thats the only way to obtain noobcoins, or buy it from other player's shop. They are useful to buy some items as a start right at spawn. There is no official exchange rate to noobcoins, but most people tend to trade as: 1 noobcoin worth's 4-5 minecoin. It is only because people collect the rare noobcoins, not because you can buy better stuff with it. ...