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Illuna gives you a number of choices, from where you may access the gamechat.


Though we've intended to focus on our forum, it however just so happened that in discord a big part of our community-conversations evolved. The Discordserver provides:

  • various voice-rooms
  • the interconnected gamechat(s)
  • live-updates from Forum, Wiki and Git
  • and more.

Join today


This is a gamechat-connection through Matrix.

Join today (TechEth only)


This is a gamechat-connection through IRC, it also passes it to Telegram and Discord.

Join the Illuna Space on Matrix:! (a "Space" is a group of rooms)
Join bridged rooms directly: TechEth Room / AestiVal Room


This is a gamechat-connection through the IRC-Mod, it passes it to Matrix.

##illuna-techeth and ##illuna-aestival on Libera.Chat