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What and where is it?[edit]

Looking at four Bio-pods

Bio-pods from the Loud Walking mod represent the last and highest layer of our TechEth-world. The Y center of this layer is +30000 nodes. Inside them are various biomes, which are similar to the ones on the ground, but often differ in terms of what grows in them, and how much of it. You can also mine in them, there even are little caves.

While the original mod is intended to create a multilayer bio-pod world, where each layers is connected through alien-bases, our adaption is using only a single layer.


Control Center in Bio-Pod

In both, bio-pods and alien-bases, are control centers, which will randomly either teleport you to a random place, or attempt to kill you.

Also, the pods are known to be a home for dangerous monsters, however if you manage to secure an entire pod with protection, it can become a quiet place far away from all the other players.


Forest in Bio-pod

The creator of this amazing – but abandoned – mod writes:

Loud Walking is a play on the name of an old science fiction movie about an attempt to preserve Earth's endangered life in sealed pods in space. This mod creates pods at about 28 km altitude, with more or less normal terrain inside, including vegetation and minerals. Bridges are provided to move horizontally.


Below the layer of bio-pods, there is big layer of asteroids.